Monday, June 20, 2005


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Sunday was the Frog family garden party. Nearly forty customers, fellow champagne-makers, old time employees; friends and family were all invited over for a day in the garden.

Since it was so hot yesterday a large white covering was put over the terrace. The terrace itself was overlooking the pool.

You can see the sheep roasted on a spit at the top of the garden here, that was feasted on alongside couscous, salad, cheese and plenty of champagne and wine.

Part way through the meal, Frog left the table to go to the loo. Honestly, I hadn't really noticed he'd been gone a long time. I was sat next to a lovely chatty woman (who for once didn't want to talk babies and weddings) and Frog has a habit of disappearing into loos for hours armed with reading material. It was only when Brother Frog came over and said "Frog wants you to know he hasn't abandoned you but he's locked himself in the loo", or words to that effect, that I realised he'd been gone a while.

The mechanism for the key had snapped when Frog tried to let himself out of the toilet. With no window or other means to get out the Frog family members tried various implements but short of knocking the door down had no luck. So the blade part of a saw was taken from its handle and slid under the door.

Frog spent the next hour sawing through the 3 cm metal lock to escape.

I as dutiful girlfriend stood outside giving words of encouragement, trying not to laugh and waiting with my camera for the 'escape' shot.

He made it out eventually, covered in sweat and much relief. Just in time for dessert and then a much needed dip in the pool.

I think he saved his parents some cash because most of the rest of us wouldn't have managed to saw through the lock and the door would have been forced before meltdown occured!

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