Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Last summer, within weeks of meeting Frog I had been dragged to a family wedding in Lyon. I think we'd only been going out three weeks or so but since I'd met his parents within 24 hours of our first date (that wasn't planned) it somehow seemed logical to go headfirst into a family wedding environment. The wedding was in Lyon and we planned to drive there and then onto the Var for a long weekend.

This involved a very long drive from Paris via Lyon, further south and then back again. Let's just say we got to know each other better. We were stuck in a car with no CD player but a tape player and all of Frog's old teenage tapes. You know the type of mix tapes you spent hours compiling and recording from the radio.

So, Frog thinks this is the time and space to introduce me to some great French music. An education of sorts. And that's how I discovered Indochine. Think of a Gallic style Duran Duran, with added overstyled, wailing, heavier synth sounds and irritating 80's voice tics.. Repeated playing of L'Aventurier was not going to win me over. I did full blown Anglo disdain and contempt for about 11 hours straight on the way back.

So why is it that now I have my newly purchased ipod mini that one of the first downloads I purchased from the Apple Music Store was L'Aventurier and 3 Fois Par Semaine (another 'classic')?

I told Frog that it's because this terrible music reminds me of him whilst I'm away travelling. But perhaps there's a more sinister truth - it's good old fashioned infectious pop and it's grown on me. Tics and all.

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