Monday, June 13, 2005

Lost & Found

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One Multizone DVD
How? I have no idea. Frog's lesser model has somehow found its way into the new flat whilst my flashy one is... who knows where?

One Wine Glass
Despite all my best efforts to inadequately pack Frog's revolting green chunky crockery they all survived. I managed to drop a wine glass unpacking.

One Poole Pottery Coffee Cup
The retro pottery set - I lusted after for a month before I caved in and bought it - travelled London - NYC - Paris and only one cup chipped on its way to Reims


One Fab Hairdresser
I took the risk of Frog's mum's recommendation. And he was fabulous and gave me 10% discount for being a Frog "relative". Admire the new chestnut lights that cover the recently acquired grey hairs.

Shoe Shop
The next street along has a great store displaying so many shoes that I want. Now. It's just a choice between them and the slate tiles for the bathroom... Hmmm.

Bank Manager
Saw a lovely man at Crédit du Nord who organised the transfer of my account from Paris to his branch. Frog accompanied me as back up with the financial lingo and the numbers that I can't even do in English. But I then suffered the indignation of being ignored and all dialogue directed to Frog as if I didn't exist. Humph.

Money, shoes, hair ... and umm... love. That's all I need, right?

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