Thursday, June 23, 2005

With apologies to my red headed friends

I got the news last week that an old Uni friend of mine and his wife had just had a baby. A couple of days later the photos were sent out and I remarked to Frog that the little girl seems to have inherited her father's auburn locks.

Frog: So that means she's got red hair
Oiseau: Yes a full head of it
Frog: Poor baby. It's going to smell
Oiseau: What?!
Frog: Yes. Everyone knows red heads smell.
Oiseau: No they don't!
Frog: Yes - I think they sweat differently or something
Oiseau: On what scientific fact are you basing this?
Frog: Have you ever shared a dressing room with a red head?
Oiseau: Ummmm...
Frog: I used to play football at Uni with a red head and he smelt. He just had to take his shoes off and the smell was... urrghhh.
Oiseau: Let me get this straight. One red headed guy you used to play football with had smelly feet?
Frog: Red heads sweat differently. They smell!
Oiseau: I cannot believe I am having this conversation with you!


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