Wednesday, June 22, 2005


On Monday night, much to the amusement of my rather trendy colleagues, I went to see Bruce Springsteen at Bercy.

Frog is a huge Bruce fan and this was the third time he had seen him. I have never really got into the man but do remember that when I was in the States I liked the parts of The Rising that I heard. But that was probably more to do with appreciating his reaction to Sept 11th than other more reactionary Americans I was surrounded by at the time.

So Monday we met up with a friend Davide and sat down for a two and a half hour solo acoustic concert. It was fantastic. I forgot how much I love concerts and even though I wasn't a major fan and didn't know most of the songs the sheer power and quality of his musicianship shone throughout.

Frog provided me with the funniest moment of the night when I turned around as we queued to get in and noticed Ron Howard was right behind us. Yes, Ritchie Cunningham, no less, was in town.

"Psst" I discretely motioned and whispered (cunningly in French so as not to draw attraction, from the man) "Tu connais Ronnn 'Ohh arrd? Il est là ... derriere toi". (I have the Howard pronunciation in French down pat which anyone who knows my identity will appreciate!)

Frog with all the subtlety of a ... loud frog... turned in English and said "Where - oh yeah it's Ron Howard'. Practically in his face.

Frog doesn't understand the coolness required around celebs that only living in Manhattan can give you. (Top spot was dinner in Prune right next to Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst. Though obviously it was Jake I drooled over ignoring the rest of my own table for the rest of the night.)

Very cool Frog. Ron Howard ducked away and the next thing you know he discovered he was in the wrong queue and turned about face. The fact he was queuing in the wrong place was clear once we reached our seats which were up in the gods. I imagine he was down in the row right in front of the stage. If I could have seen that far I might have spotted his baseball cap.

The point of realising exactly how long ago it was that I was at a concert was when I noticed that people don't sway with lighters anymore. They wave their illuminated mobile phones. That's technological progress for you.

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