Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I spent 8 hours on 8 trains & tubes yesterday, for 3 hours in a meeting room in Crawley. Frog asked me how the weather was in the UK yesterday, and honestly, I have no idea! I walked from train station into taxi and out of taxi into office.

But I did take advantage of our UK office's company store which sells all of the products this personal care, foods company makes at a very low price.

So, as I sit here shattered after yesterday's trip I just had the bright idea to get the box of herbal tea that I bought in the store. Yes, a mug of mint green tea just might pick me up.

Except for some strange reason I had bought chamomile. Ready to curl up under my desk and drift off anytime now.

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Auntie M in Paris said...

I've been in a herbal tea mood myself. I found a box of Lemon Zinger that I brought back from the US a while ago and forgot about. I'm about to make a cup before bed. Delicious and relaxing!