Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Just because...

... I can I'm sat in the Eurostar "salon" at Waterloo on their free internet access, complimentary drink in hand, struggling to blog with an english keyboard. Someone has moved the letters and punctuation keys around so all my 'q's are 'a's and all my 'm's are ';' s... It's the small cultural differences that make the difference!

Good meetings... better time seeing and staying with my good aussie friend Leander. L made me laugh last night when we went for japanese and on hearing the table next to us she complained "I don't come to japanese restaurants to hear kiwis drone on....".

The japanese restaurant was a small family concern with a couple of women fully kitted out in the kimono and flip flops, achieving an amazing running trot/shuffle as they served tables.

The train is delayed but I'm going to make my way back to the bar... and steal the magazines to take home.


mrsmogul said...

That's the beauty of Blogger, you can do it anywhere. Are you on first class Eurostar? The food is pretty good for train food.

L'Oiseau said...

Taking full advantage of business travel! Yes the food is pretty good in Business on the train - I'm a fan of Thalys when I travel Paris - Brussels/Amsterdam as well.

It's all so much more civilised than the airport!

anne said...

I used to loooove taking the Eurostar for work. "Champagne, orange juice, water?" My working-girl fantasy... ;-)