Friday, March 11, 2005

Les Dents

Today I took what I consider to be a brave step. I went to a French dentist.

It's not that I'm worried about the standard of French dentists (I'm English remember, we are not renowned for our great dental care). I was more worried about having my mouth wide open, metal instruments inserted and poking around whilst trying to stay focused on understanding what the dentist is saying to me.

Frog gave me a quick run down on dental vocabulary. Can't spell them (I can't write in French at all) but I can now ask and understand a simple check up, clean, gums, incisors, molars and wisdom teeth.

Of course, as with many of my worries, they were all for nothing. My dentist was charming, noted I had a 'petit' accent anglais (that always amuses me when there is nothing petit about my accent) quizzed me on the fall of America to independence (yes, I could agree, it was because our King George went mad), told me BBC news was easier to follow than CNN because of that nasal accent those Americans have and then he proceeded to inspect my teeth.

Magnificent he said, nobody would know you hadn't been to a dentist in four years (ah, la honte), I have mama and papa to thank for such strong beautiful teeth. I obviously drink tea as I have a little staining on at the back but, hey, that's the English for you.

20 mins later, clean, rinse, spit and I was off.

All for 29 euros. I love this country sometimes.

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Katia said...

Oh I love it. What a charming description of your dentist visit :)
I was terrified of going to a French dentist (as Dentists are exceptional in Australia), but I managed to find one that I love and doesn't offer to pull out random teeth or anything. heh.