Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Napoleon Complex

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So, you're driving down a small road in the northern region along Chemin des Dames with your mother and boyfriend. Ostensibly you're on your way to the WW1 sites and the Caverne du Dragon, since this was an area of extremely heavy fighting during the Great War.
Suddenly, you glance out the window and you notice, in the middle of fields that sweep for miles, a statue looking very lonely.

Actually, Mum spotted it and we stopped on a dirt track to see what this strange apparation was. And there we found Napoleon in all his splendour viewing the site of what was a large Prussian battlefield. According to a small plaque this used to be the location of a windmill where Napoleon postitioned himself to view and lead the battle.

A rather surreal sight. The statue was placed there in the '60s after the original windmill was destroyed in the WW1 battles.

So here is our hommage to the big little man. And as the frog was reminded, they may have killed Nelson but the English won Waterloo.

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