Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Marmite Effect

On my trip to London last week I bought a new pot of Marmite and treated myself to breakfast in bed this morning.

I love Marmite. Many hate it and for the non-Brits who haven't heard of it it's a savoury, yeasty, salty spread that we grow up with in the UK. It has a very distinct taste & smell. You never grow out of it - if you ever liked it in the first place.

If you saw the last round of TV advertising in the UK, the scenario from this morning may sound familiar:

Oiseau appears in the bedroom carrying a tray of toast (nutella and hot milk for the frog, marmite and coffee for herself):

Frog: I can (h)ug you but no kisses...

Nice to be appreciated.


anne said...

See, I have nothing against British food, nothing, and I'm all for chips and vinegar. But Marmite (or Vegemite for that matter), never. God no.

mrsmogul said...

I think Marmite tastes like soy sauce. The closest thing I can eat is Rice Cakes with yeast flavor.

Antipodeesse said...

In New Zealand we grew up with Vegemite on toast for breakfast, and Vegemite-and-lettuce sandwiches in our school lunchbox (no school dinners or 'cantine' in those days). I have since discovered Promite and like it even better, it's not quite as strong as Marmite or Vegemite.

Katia said...

Ooooh my French fellow has exactly the same reaction to Vegemite.
When friends came to visit us after his first trip to Australia, he would pull out the Vegemite jar (as if it was some sort of party trick or something) and say, "look at what those weird anglos forcefeed their children!!!!!"