Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Duvet Coat

I miss my duvet coat. Cunningly, it's a dark long bronze coat that looks like a duvet and has a big hood with fur all the way around it. When I pull the hood up I have a peripheral vision of 45°.

When I lived in Manhattan and commuted by public transport to Greenwich CT everyday my duvet coat was a lifesaver in the winter. But NY winters are long and whilst trekking on the cross town bus, 6 line subway and Metro North I used to moan about how I wanted to put on a normal coat again that didn't make me look like ten ton tessie. Especially when I went straight from Grand Central to a cool downtown bar and had to lug the duvet with me.

I haven't worn the duvet in 2 years - I haven't needed to. The European winters have been mild so I get to wear a normal coat through the winter, accessorised with hat, glove & scarf as needed.
But these last few days, I just dream of my duvet coat and how warm it would keep me. But alas it is stuffed in a box in storage, not to be seen till May when it wil be too late...

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Sierra said...

I want your coat! My kitchen is impossible to heat and sometimes I wind up going in there wearing my winter coat.