Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have found the perfect dress to be bridesmaid at my friend's wedding in Buenos Aires.

Armed with the fabric sample (think claret/bordeaux) I went into a fantastic shop in the 9th on Saturday.

In my search I have tended to be rather intimidated by bridal shops - on a Saturday they are usually stuffed with Bridezillas and snooty parisian assistants. But in Cendrine, the assistants were two absolutely charming late middle aged women. They didn't laugh at my french or my request. They tutted a little over the bride's selection of colour but then pulled out a fabulous sample to try on. The dress is perfectly flattering and they are able to have it made up in an almost exact match.

It is also unfortunately way out of my budget. I decided to swap the silk that I tried it in for satin so that I could save 100 euros on the price. But I think I may resell after the wedding and in the meantime try and swallow the cost.

As the two dames admired me in the dress they asked if I was engaged. Upon the negative answer they gasped, "Well by the end of this wedding you'll have at least ten proposals".

When I relayed this to the frog his response was "Are you expecting ten proposals from the same guy or ten different men?".

This of course is the frog who believes that his brother and sister-in-law have the right approach. They had a civil ceremony two years ago (since they wanted to marry quickly before her Colonel father was posted to Bosnia for a long period of time) and now her father is back and retired they are have been able to plan the church blessing, white dress and large reception for this April.

Apparently this is very sensible. How did I find the most unromantic man in France?


kim said...

oh don't worry. when David and I decided to get married and were in that phase where every time you see friends of yours you have to tell them the "big news", he would often somehow work into the equation the money we would save on taxes. boy, does that guy of mine know how to make a girl swoon!

Katia said...

I'm glad you found a fabulous dress! It will be worth the money.
I think by the sounds of things, all French men are the same. Hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a relief you found the dress! I know this feeling. About French men... my hubby was the same way, we got married fast (justice of the peace, my parents were our witnesses) and if I didn't bother him about having a real church wedding with the dress and everything it wouldn't have happened. Out real deal happened nearly a year and a half after we actaully were married. But it was so worth it. French men need to be shown the way, I think you know this... Forget about them helping to decide on things. It might be better off that they don't. :)


mrsmogul said...

I am totally not the cookie cutter wedding type. My sister and brother had two huge weddings and I always said that wasn't going to be me. So when Mr. Mogul and I tied the knot, I followed my childhood dream - to marry on rocks next to the sea. Just us and no family. This was in Maine. I still had the family celebration afterwards though. This was still romantic