Monday, March 14, 2005

Smelly Dog

Smelly Dog
Originally uploaded by oiseau.

This is Job.

Job is the frog family dog and he's getting a bit old. Father Frog used to take Job hunting with him but now he can't keep up the pace and he spends most of his time sleeping or looking for attention. He's sweet but also rather smelly.

I included Job in a set of photos I posted on Flickr. Now, I don't put any photos of family & friends public there (just a few of myself) since the world and his wife looks across these posted photos. There's a certain element of privacy I extend to people who wouldn't choose themselves to share their image.

But Job is a dog and I didn't really think about his feelings of privacy.

However, I found the other day that some random Flickr user had selected Smelly Dog as one of their favourite photos.

What? This is not a great photo - it just makes me laugh because it captures an old smelly dog. So, I clicked through to the profile of the person who had selected this photo as a favourite.

I can now see why this guy chose the photo. He has created a portfolio of hundreds of other peoples posts of their dogs.

This is really weird.

I feel a little disturbed by this dog obsession. And that I have put Job in the middle of it. Did anyone ever read John Fowles' The Collector?


Anonymous said...

That is quite strange about the guy and the dog pics. But if he's fanatical about dogs like I am about shoes than i must be pretty strange too. I have a folder for shoes only on Flickr. ha!


L'Oiseau said...

Really? Honestly, I'm not judging you :) But do you collect other people's photos of their shoes?

It was just truly bizarre seeing an album of other people's dogs and poor Job collected in the middle!

Sammy said...

I guess 'respecting a dog's privacy' isn't what it used to be.

mrsmogul said...

The dog obsesser sounds like a weirdo. I have never had any pets. I like kittens and puppies though.

Glad your comment box is working! Have you seen my new look?

Katia said...

What a beautiful fellow!

Lots of people have photo collections like that. Don't worry too much... unless he starts emailing you with questions about his fur or something weird like that. hehe.

Anonymous said...

L'oiseau, I don't think an RSS feed exists for your comments on your site. I can't get them for mine but if you figure it out, please share how! Oh, the RSS is going to change your life. I use bloglines too. Do you have the desktop notifier? I love that little things, especially when people post to their blogs and it means I can procrastinate while at work. :)


Lauren said...

The Collector has to be one of the most horribly good books ever. What with Petite's butterflies and your smelly dog stalker, I'm beginning to worry that us bloggers are not as normal as we think we are....