Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Whilst I was in London yesterday I made a quick pit stop to WH Smith's in order to stock up on magazines. Having blown 30 pounds (alright there was a copy of Malcom Gluck's Super Plonk 2005 for the Frog as well) which is just a shameful amount of money, I walked away with a fine selection of magazines to get me through the next week or so.

The eclectic mix included Vanity Fair, Living etc (planning the new home deco), Easy Living* , Fast Company and Heat.

I am a huge Heat fan, I get strange looks when I travel with colleagues as I pull out The Economist Predictions for 2005 & Heat next to each other. Heat is the UK's biggest gossip magazine aimed at 23 year old women who want all the dirt on celebs, it shows their spots and cellulite, who's sleeping with who and tells you how to recreate those same outfits for £20. Love it.

The Frog is also a convert to the magazine. And when I return from the UK (or an indulgent trip to central Paris newsagents) he just as quickly grabs it.

Hence tonight's dinner conversation:

Frog: So what about Jude & Sienna then? I wouldn't be happy
either if she'd been partying whilst I was working. But I could have told him
that's what happens if you go out with a 23 year old. Just asking for

Me: Really. So that's why you're not going out with a beautiful
young actress then?

Frog: U-huh. But I bet Sadie is really happy inside. She won't
show it but she will be.

Me: You know I saw the Sun headline yesterday was Brad & Jen
are back together again.

Frog: No. Can't be. She'd never forgive him. Because Angelina is
higher class than she is.

Me: Right. So you think Brad & Angelina really got it on.

Frog: Of course. And she's got some assets.

How. Disturbing.

*it's a new Condé Nast publication. Call it work research but I was very disappointed all the women in it were clearly taken from the editors' personal address book and it was full of promotional pages masquerading as editorial content.


anne said...

Hat off to you for managing to convert a guy to a gossip magazine. Impressive!

Katia said...

The French pretend they don't care, but they secretly love their Celebrity gossip. That's why mags like "Choc" work here ;)

I worked with quite a few Irish and English girls in their late 20s / early 30s in Australia, and they all loved Heat too. So you're not alone ;)

kim said...

I am mostly disturbed by the fact that your Frog thinks Angelina Jolie is classier than Jennifer Aniston. Angelina is a skanky ho!

L'Oiseau said...

I am disturbed on many levels. The fact that Angelina is as you so eloquently put a "skanky ho" is probably the biggest.

anne said...

Katia, I beg to differ. Choc has nothing to do with celeb goss, and everything to with reality TV. It's even worse.

mrsmogul said...

I love celebrity gossip! In US, it's People or In Touch. I bought Heat once and I always read Hello Magazine online.